Valter defends and feeds

VALTER is not only a partisan hero that saved Sarajevo from occupation, Valter is still alive and feeding towns in Slovenia and Austria. Travelling through the Slovenian capital Ljubljana, you’ll surely hear a lot about a popular youth gathering site Metelkova mesto, and just around the corner you’ll find an even more popular restaurant Das ist Valter.

Das ist Valter on Njegoševa street in Ljubljana has been open now for more than two years, feeding and making visitors happy, offering traditional Bosnian food as a part of Das Ist Valter restaurant chain. The others you can find in Kranj, Škofja Loka, Jesenice, Maribor and Austrian Villach.

““Valter defends Sarajevo” always running

Our restaurants offer real traditional Bosnian specialties, pies, tarhanas, stews, čevapi – grilled minced meat, sudžukica sausages, sarma – minced meat in cabbage leaves, baklava, tufahija, tulumbas… The young and the old love to recharge with great food and finish off with baklava or tufahija, followed by kahva from filjan pot and rahat lokum. If desired, legendary Bosnian Drina cigarettes are available, while nostalgic ex-Yugoslavian tunes take back in the days. Of course, no meal in Das Ist Valter restaurant would be perfect without the cult film “Valter Defends Sarajevo” rolling on TV.

People who love good food love our restaurants. Our staff is extremely hospitable and kind, representing the ex-Yugoslavia in one – we have people from all the seven countries, all are Slavs and all get along incredibly well. As our waiter Zoran would say – our place is democratic, kind and welcoming.It seems each and every one of our guests would love to go back in time to when Yugoslavia was at the top of the world. Our guests love a great cup of Bosnian kahva with the legendary Drina cigarette and ratluk, but the real Yugo-nostalgics and great food lovers will enjoy a full on meal while watching “Valter defends Sarajevo” on the screen. If you love how real Bosnian food tastes and have a Yugo-nostalgic bone in your body, you’ll love our place!

Join us for a trip to the old days

“Slovenci bi se rado vratili u stara vremena Jugoslavije. Naruče bosansku kahvu uz koju poslužujemo cigaretu sarajevske Drine, ratluk, jedu bosanska jela i gledaju film ‘Valter brani Sarajevo’ kojega stalno vrtimo na velikom TV ekranu. Slovenci su jugonostalgični, barem oni koji dolaze u naš restoran”, rekao je Zoran novinaru Anadolije.

Young or old, local or foreign, you won’t be able to miss the incredible authentic tastes in jufkas and tarhanas our Bosnian chef makes. There are many Bosnian restaurants offering čevapi, but we guarantee that our food is made according to traditional, home-created recipes, while you can be sure we don’t use any pork. Das ist Valter restaurants use mostly beef meat, but we do add some lamb – it just makes the food taste even better! Near our Ljubljana location there is an association of Bosnians living in Slovenia – they confirmed that our Bosnian food truly is incredible, top of the top. And because we don’t use any pork, they keep coming around!

Smoking isn’t really forbidden

“Imamo najjači grill u Ljubljani, ovakvu kvalitetu nitko nema”, rekao nam je kuhar Venco Stojimenov, porijeklom iz makedonskih Kočana.

Inside the restaurant smoking isn’t allowed, but you can puff away in our gardens. Authentic Sarajevo beer is as common as the best čevapi at Das Ist Valter, but you should also try our pies and prickled čevapi with cheese – you don’t want to miss the best we have to offer!

This is Valter and Valter is expecting you!

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