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About Us

Restaurants Das Ist Valter can be found in several locations across Slovenia and Austria, bringing the spirit of Valter, the heroic defender of Sarajevo during World War II, to life. In the Slovenian capital city of Ljubljana, near the popular gathering place for young people, Metelkova Mesto, awaits the even more popular Das Ist Valter restaurant.

Das Ist Valter has been delighting locals and tourists for many years with its love for traditional Bosnian cuisine. It is part of a chain of restaurants with the same name, with other branches located in Kranj, Škofja Loka, Ljubljana, Jesenice, and the Austrian city of Villach and Klagenfurt.

On the menu of these restaurants, you will find authentic Bosnian specialties, including various pies, tarhana, stews, cevapi, sudžukica, sarma, baklava, tufahija, tulumbi, and more. After satisfying their hunger with delicious dishes at Das Ist Valter, both young and not-so-young visitors love to indulge in baklava or tufahija, followed by a cup of Bosnian coffee served in a fildžan and rahat lokum. For those who wish, the famous Bosnian Drina cigarette is also available, all accompanied by the familiar melodies of former Yugoslavia playing in the background. Of course, in line with the name, the cult film "Valter brani Sarajevo" is continuously shown on the television screens.

People who enjoy good food come to us. The hospitable and exceptionally friendly staff of our restaurants come from all seven countries of the former Yugoslavia. They are all South Slavs and understand each other perfectly. As our waiter Zoran would say, democracy reigns in our restaurants, creating an excellent atmosphere.

Let's return to the good old days

Every one of our guests would gladly return, if only for a moment, to the days when Yugoslavia was at its peak. Our guests enjoy a cup of Bosnian coffee, accompanied by Sarajevo's Drina cigarette and ratluk. They are true Yugoslav nostalgics and those who appreciate immensely good food quickly indulge in excellent Bosnian dishes while relaxing and watching the film "Valter brani Sarajevo," which is constantly playing on the big screen. The people who prefer to visit us are genuine Yugoslav nostalgics and lovers of authentic Bosnian cuisine.

In our restaurants, you will find guests of all kinds, ages, and nationalities. While most of our guests are Slovenian, we also welcome tourists and visitors from the former Yugoslavia. Our head chef is a Bosnian native who excels in the world of jufkas and tarhanas, a fact that every lover of good Bosnian food will notice. There are many similar restaurants where you can order cevapi, for example, but in our restaurants, you will experience Bosnian cuisine prepared according to traditional recipes and without pork, which undoubtedly places us at the top.

In most of the Das Ist Valter restaurants, we predominantly use beef, with a touch of lamb added for enhanced flavor. Slovenian Bosnians, who have their own associations near our restaurants, have confirmed the excellence of our dishes. Since we have decided not to use pork in our meals, the members of these associations happily continue to enjoy their lunch or dinner with us.

Smoking is prohibited in the indoor areas of our restaurants, but in warmer weather, you can freely enjoy smoking on the outdoor terrace. In Das Ist Valter restaurants, it is quite common to enjoy a genuine Sarajevo beer, and don't miss out on the offerings of skewered cevapi, spinach pie, or the platter for two.

This is Valter, and Valter awaits your visit!